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domestic quarrels and insults by which the women suffer and on which

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prevent mildew. Other agents used for the same purpose are alum

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been partly considered here together with Mugwort to

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lectures were delivered in the old Brownell Street school build

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deception. Astereognosis occurs in the advanced stages also analgesia of

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In such cases respiration becomes difficult and the disease

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of edema in per cent of the animals receiving uranium serum intra

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which it is desiraiU to Mug to the notice of the profession.

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Now we come to the direct evidence in support of this view.

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Liutaud saw cases in which the attacks recurred every

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appreciable diminution in the mortality of cancer .

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excuse the designation common with many of such cases by the same

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towards the mother with the left fingers while with the right hold it

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joints. There is usually slight limitation of motion and often

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depends on proper balance of toxin and antitoxin. The toxin is the

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causing giddiness reeling dilated pupils and delirium. It is

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either by spasms of the muscles of mastication in which case

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renders them more liable to accident. Trauma is responsible for to


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