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1homeopathic equivalent to valiummand; observation on physical training. J. Roy. Armv
2valium tablets for catsSoc. d. med. et nat. de Jassy, 1895-6, Lx, 20-33.— Salivas.
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4valium effects last how longillustrating the strange connection of a shock during
5buy valium manchesteru. Neurol., Berl , 1901, x, 1; 95.— <iasser (H.) Physi-
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9how long till valium peaksan unusual case. Tr. ix. Internat. M. Cong., Wash.,
10is valium and alcohol dangerous
11orphenadrine and valiumdesigned to amplify vital capacity by enhancing the mo-
12walmart valium costa. d. Hamb. Staatskrankenanst., 1897, i, 482-495.— Sclianz
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