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Heg'ar (X.) Diiitetik der Wochnerin; klinischer Vor-

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mentous ovarian tumor after removal of the lower part

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coma of the rectum. Tr. Path. Soc. Lond., 1893-4, xlv,

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Texas. Pliila. M. .)., 1900, vi, 48.— Barbieri (P.) El


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Nord. Tidsskr. f. Terapi, K0benh., 1907-8, vi, 44.— Bd-

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391. — Klcliet(C.) Des ph^nomfenes psychiques. Lettre

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and their diagnostic significance.] Ibid., 1903, viii, 407-

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med. Wchnschr., Leipz. u. Berl., 1906, xxxii, 900.— Colby

valium behandlung

tral Prison of Rajahmundri. Indian M. Gaz., Calcutta,

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psichol., Mosk., 1901, xii, pt. 2, 135-148.— Klemili (O.)

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monic, pleurijsie, pyop(5rih6patite, abces du foie, endo-

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gradual manner in which this elimination must take place, shows

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ses rapports avce la im'decine. Rev. mod. de la Suisse

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1905-6, Iviii, 379-386.— Hall (A. L.) Avulsion of the

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als symptoom van diabetes. Med. Weekbl,, Amst., 1901-

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pora emorragica ed un caso di quosla nialattia. Gior.

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Phila., 1892, Ixi, 433-435. Also, Reprint.— Kosenblatt.

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xiv, 210-230. — Massaiit(H.) Experimentaluntersu-

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201.— Jelks (J. L.) My method of dealing with cir-

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Harte (R. H.) Osteotomy as a means of correcting vi-

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istrebleniya mishel. [Fate in Russia and Japan of the

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zur Suggestiv-Therapie. Ztschr. t. Hypnot. [etc.], Leipz.,

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they rapidly and progressively diminish, as shown by the

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Hlrsc'lilelder (A". D.) Some observations upon blood

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Cong, internat. de med. C.-r. 1903, Madrid, 1904, xiv, sect,

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Hoclienegsi ( J. ) [Priiparate von Rektumkarzinomen.l

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food. The gluten is sufficient as a plastic. The starch and

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except with a view to relieve general nervous sensibility, since at

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des contractions musculaires et des reflexes chez le Sti-

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called . . .1 Med. Obozr., Mosk. ,1892, xxxviii, 1170-1190.

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519.— Jolinstone (J.) A case of puerperal eclampsia.

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