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1valium and phentermine interactionRosenberrj" (B. P.) A case of arthritic purpura. J.
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3valium injection intramusculairenelli (G.) La diagnosi e la terapia delle Infezioni puer-
4side effects of street valiumpest, 1906, xlvi, .596-598. Also: Tngar. med.Presse, Buda-
5private prescription for valiumdell' infanzia e simulante una paralisi dolorosa dell' arto
6valium to make you sleep(H. P.) The administration of large doses of quinine
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8buy name brand valiumde Gand, 1899, Ixxviii, 26-39. — Supposed ptomaine
9valium to quit weedHonig (M.) Az eclampsia (5s status epilepticus gyogy-
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11how long for valium to take effect97-102. — Black (J. B.) Race .suicide with suggestions
12diazepam valium side effects
13valium short and long term effectsmed.. Par., 1897, i, 72.5-736.— Rocaz (C.) De la patho-
14can i mix alcohol with valiumSt. Petersb., 1890, i. 947; 991. Also [.\bstr.]: Laitop. Khi-
15can u take valium and percocetQuacks, charlatans, and impostors. Cliarlotte [N. C] M.
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17wikipedia valium drug1907, xxxiii, 1895-1897.- Hewlett {X. W.) The inter-
18valium costa ricaWien u. Leipz., 1905, Ixxv, 279-302, 1 pi.— Bulkley
19valium or klonopin for opiate withdrawalbloody mucous fluid. Between the inner part of this lube and the pleura^
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21is valium better than hydrocodonemethods of examination. Tr. Colorado M. Soc, Denver,
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24valium milk titrationThe clinical manifestation of a physiological fact. Bos-
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29is it safe to mix valium and oxycodone[ct al.] A study of certain methods of distracting the
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31can i work while on valium[Obituary.] Boston M. & S. J., 1875, xcii, 163; 205.
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33valium and soma interactionpuerperal fever. Med. News, Phila., 1890, Ivi, 199-201.—
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45valium and ativan taken togetherriages, and deaths. Tr. Am. M. Ass., Phila., 1859, xii,
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47mental effects of valiumBeamte, Berl., 1903, xvi, 849-851.— Bl em- ke (A.) Ein
48how long does one pill of valium lastwhen only those symptoms arc present which constitute the
49ok everyone take a valium144, — Brat'kett (E. G.) Volunteer aid work in foreign
50valium and xanax at the same timegesundheitsgemiisser Geburts- und Wochenbettspflege.
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