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diariiler (M.) Les poisons du tube digestif a I'etat pa-

dosis valium en gatos

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as indicate a provision for the assisting this process by the

insufflate valium

xxxi, 1574-1.576, Also: Verhandl. d. x. internat. med.

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388-396. — Paderl (C.) Sulla influenza di un eceesso di

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garet F.) The genetic method in psychology. J. Philos.

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1898, 10. s,, V, 754.— Sior (L. ) Ueber das Vorkommen

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tolerance to valium

k'onova, Mosk., 1903, 1, 295-300. — Grant (D.) Practical

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valium given for

Worcester, 1905, xyi, 184-189.— MUller (A.) Ueber psy-

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(T.) Die Verwendung der Pyozyanase bei der Behandlung

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most generally used, of which there are some excellent de-

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Laparotomie et hy,sterectomie dans le traitement de la

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xlvii, 936.— Liewis (C. H.) Werlhof's disease (purpura

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I'entendement. Bull. Soc. d'anthrop. de Par., 1890, 4. s.,

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Physician & Surg., Detroit & Ann Arbor, 1898, xx. 105-

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uluchshenii vkusovikh kachestv, pitatelnosti i usvoya-

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bewegungen bei KiioclieiiHschen. Arch. f. d. ges. Phy-

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peral sepsis. Am. J. Obst., N. Y., 1895, xxxi, 870-878.

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aktive Stoffe, mit besonderer Beriicksichtigung ihrer

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" The Victualling Department;" "A Voice from the Gastric

valium and epilepsy

thieriirztl. Wchnschr., 1897, 564-.566.— Cazin (M.) Les

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Bordeaux, 1897, v, 6-13.— t'liornoguboir (A. N.) K

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tensor muscle and its tendon above and below the pa-

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way Surg.. Fort Wayne, 1889-90, ii, 341-345. . Rail-

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xxxiii, 403-405. — Atkiuson (I.E.) Post-partum throm-

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gnard ( P.) Iconogranhie photographique de la Salpe-

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Une amelioration dans les injections de sublime de la

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97-100. [Discussion], I,=i4-l-'i7. — Jirael'e (M.) Ueber

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Un caso di pioemia, curate con le iniezioni endovenose

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amount of bias for a place which the author has made hig

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Tagen des WoclieTibettes. Deutsche Praxis. Ztschr. f.

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uterine Chez les nouvelles accoucht'es. Rev. m^d. de

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Ibid., 1907-8, xiv, 281-283.— Eniiuel (V. E. ) The regen-

how long does 10mg of valium take to work

Clay (A.B.) Colles' fracture, with report of seven cases.

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elements of bran exceed those of the husk-contents by more

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Mayer (L. ) Sur les modifications du ciiimisme respira-

valium in surgery

handl. d. deutsch. Gesellsch. f. Chir., Berl., 1894, xxiii,

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pi. . Sul com portamento della cheratoialina e del-

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