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Par., 1906, xi, l-;36.— Doiiiiiiiiucz Adaine ( V.\ it Do-

risk of taking expired valium

vall (W. A.) & Oies (\V. ,T.) Absence of detectable

mirapex and valium

vii, 318. — Campbell (H.) A case of premature puberty.

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terapia nella psoriasi e sue varictu. Bull. d. r. .Accad.

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Herinneringsb. Prof. S. S. Ko.senstein, Leiden, 1902, 67.5-

is it safe to take valium and zoloft together

how to get rid of valium side effects

Ixiii, 115-117.— Polak (J.O.) Clinical tvpesof puerperal

is valium an antihistamine

I'anthropologie criminelle. .\rcli. di psicliiat. [etc.], To-

can i take valium with cialis

Ohio M. .1., Columbus, 190.5-6.1, 51:1-517. —Wolkowilscli

can valium help a headache

Lond., 1896, ii, 1153.— Hamilton (J. P.) Venesection

how long after taking valium can you take suboxone

ii, 275-338, 3 pi,— Transatlantic (The) quack. Brit.

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fracture du radius; troubles sensitivo-moteurs et ther-

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Am. Lancet, Detroit, 1894, n. s., xviii, 247-249, Also: J.

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Gynec. 1897, Phila., 1898, x, S4-104. Also: Am. J. Obst.,

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370. — Herrera (P. ) Un caso de nefritis aguda post par-

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des engagements volontaires. Caducee, Par., 1905, v, 39. —

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tion.] Izviest. S.-Peterb. biol. lab., 1897-8, ii, no. 2, 44-

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Cautrell (.T. A.) Psoriasis. Charlotte [N. C] M. J.,

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quarantine. Tr. N. Yorli M. As.s., 1892, ix, 5S1-539.— Soii-

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cine. Cincin. Lancet-Clinic, 1902, n. s., xlix, 27-31.—

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Petersb., 1890, xv, 245.— Callari (I.) Con tribute alia

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claims for his barbarous invention ; and as for the operation it-

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sche med. Wchnschr., Leipz. u. Berl., 1906, xxxii, 1473. —

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16,5. — Walker (F..B.) The influence of the reflexes

50 mg de valium

roads,] Ibiit., 1900, 51; 71.— Sanitary (The) defence of

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Variety of extent, degree, and unity in self-conscious-

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For Biography, see Diet. Nat. Biog., Lond., 1896, xlvli

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Deutsche mil.-iirztl. Ztschr., Berl., 1907, xxxvi, 177-184.—

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General remarks upon rectal diseases; with especial refer-

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N. Y., 1901, xvi, 727-738.— Garipuy (R.) & Berny.

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the history of valium

siae ani et recti. [Case of . . .] Otchet o diejatel. Obsh.

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Par., 1889, iii, 1499-1501. Also: J, de mcjd. de Par., 1889,

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Lond., 1901, xxiv, 577-630.— ITloDousraU (W.), Lodge

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obtenueparlaculturedu Fungcryptococca xanthogenica.

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