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niSvroseautonome). Bull, m^d.. Par,, 1907, xxi, 339; 413. —
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boisiere. Rev. obst. Internat., Toulouse, 1897, iii, 202-
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bing., 1906, Iii, 51-161, 6 pi. Also, Reprint.— Wifkliam
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h^morrhagique consi5cutif a un choc sur la region des
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water baths; recovery. Med. JJews, Phila., 1887, 1, 66. —
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4£otta (C.) Sulla determinazione dell' ampiezza del ba-
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xxx, 1405. — Robinson (Winifred ,T. ) Demonstration of
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schaftl'iches Postulat. Festschr. J. Rosenthal [etc.], 1906,
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la Suisse Rom., Geneve, 1901, xxi, 688-693.— Hirseli-
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ii, 1113. — Viana (O.) Sopra una forma non comune di
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a. S., 1907, xiii, 383-388. . Der Zerfall der radioakti-
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declin.etdeth<:'rap.,Par., 1903, xvii, 101-103.— Eddowes
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laws and regulations. Rep. Superv. Sura-.-Geu. Mar.
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laria occurring in a patient with symmetrical gangrene.
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See KocU (Albert Carl). Resultate geologischer . . .
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Arch. f. Gynaek., Berl., 1900, Ixi, .54,s-.564. . Ein
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Der Pulsus bigeminus als Grundform des intermittirenden
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Fruc. Orleans I'lirisli M. Si.i>. 1903, N. Orl., 1904, 14.'>-1.52.
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la pubiotomie. Bull. Acad. roy. demfd. de Belg., Brux.,
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11. Roclie. Les poisons de I'organisme et la gestation
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d. Ass. med.-chir. di Parma, 1902, iii, 56-58. — Reynolds
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rea-Puccinien: vorlaufige Miiteilung. Centralbl. f . Bakte-
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nurie quinique). Arch, de med. nav.. Par., 1897, Ixvii,

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