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TO avevpeOki' epyov Tov: Ilept tT<f>vyfi.uii', 'larptKr] irpooSos,
is veterinary valium the same as human valium
dans les hydro- et les pyopneumothorax a, grand 6panche-
is valium good for anxiety attacks
1886, iii, 370-386. Also, Reprint.— Terry (H.) Report of
bøtta pedersen valium
valium line orders
phyxia) of unusual severity aiid .extent. Quart. M. .1.,
valium 5 posologia
sia; its prevention and treatment. Illinois M. Bull., Chi-
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7 pi. ■ 8°. Philadelphia, New York & Chicago,
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14.5-147. — Sliitase ( K.) [New rescnrrhes on the knee
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puerperal eclampaiaand management of puerpcni I period
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ing of Mind, Lond. & Edinb., 1904, n. s., xii,
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der allgemeinen Reflexerregbarkeit als aussergewohn-
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1905, vi. 307.— Kossler (O.) Zwei Kiimpfer gegen Kur-
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Specimens of puerperal sepsis. Tr. Sec. Gvnec. Coll.
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fession concerning funuticism, frauds, fools, and fads.
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10. s., i, 647.— IHilne (,J. A.) An unusual case of Ray-
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Kure (S.) Bowako wo itjitoko tosite ronji sono nisan
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J., 1895, Ixi, 378.— Hiils. Versuch einer Mastdarmbil-
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turf. u. Aerzte 1902, Leipz., 1903, ii, 2. Hlfte., 414.— Ye-
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same title.] The, least irksome, and least costly
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of the left forearm.] Med. Obozr., Mosk., 1901, Iv, 832-
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sclent, [etc.], Par., 1866-7, iv, 3;i-41. — Bouraon (B.)
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Panaritium septicum; Infarctus pulmonum multiplices
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wiederholter Pubiotomie an derselben Patientin. Zen-
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veratrum viride. Cong, internat. de med. C. r., Par.,
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iiica; trastornos oculares graves v permanentes. Arch,
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so great is this requirement, Dr. Smith says, that it is scarcely
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Also: Progr^s m6d.. Par., 1899, 3. s., ix. 388 (B.).
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rant of its chemical constitution and physiological action.
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morfica dell' oftalmopodite in Palinurus vulgaris. Arch,
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(V.) Note sur I'origine du dicrotisme et des ondulations
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Rev., 1904, 1, 193-195.— Knott F.) Heredity in pur-
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I'un a trois germes, avee sternopagie feminine, et I'autre
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nowsky (E. ) Les crimes centre la religion en Russie.
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u. neurol., Berl., 1906, x.x, '294. — Jennin<>'s. A case of
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285. Also: Gac. med., Mexico, 1903, 2. s., iii, 161, port. (M.
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procedo de Delorme. Arch. prov. de chir.. Par., 1897, vi,
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ford, 1900-1902, ix, 639-653 — Wilson (E.) The railway
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Bandel ( P. ) Das Resorbin in Verwondiing als Salbeu-
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Bebraj- (A.) Contribution a la patho.genie du signe
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Phlegmon pe,rinephnHi.|iie i;;iuclie jiendant la puerpOra-
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. Suggestions for the prevention of puerperal infec-
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