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print. — Hess (0.) Ueber einen neuen Reflex (Zwerch-

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5.53; 601. Ahn: Rev. med., Louvain, 1897-8, xvi, 193; 433.—

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Army M. Corps, Lond., 1903, i, 224-230.— Tikhoiuirotf

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during labour. Canada Lancet, Toronto, 1888-9, xxi, 41. —

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quinin. Memphis M. Month., 1902, xxii, 536-538. —

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the puerperium, their care and treatment.] Vrach, St.

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Ixxv, 915-918. — licusden (P.) Beitrag zur pathologi-

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1906, xxvi, 1.5-17. Also [Abstr.] : J. med. de Brux., 1900,

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Northwest Med., Seattle, 1909,vii, 14-ls.— Hy.slop ( J. H.)

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985. 4;.vo, Reprint. — De Sanctis (S.) Studieniiberdie

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Edinb., 1801, V, 313-343. Also, trans/.: Samml. auserl. Ab-

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L.-Jl.) Albuminurie maternelle et allaitement. Rev.

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194-207. — Weidel (K.) Zur "Psychologie des Dogmas.

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to mind one of the triumphs of conservative surgery, in the

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med.", St. Petersb., 1900, vii, 348.— SUaplro (G. K.)

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riiumung des Bulbus venae ju.ffularis (Bulljusoperation)

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turition.] Diiodecim, Helsinki, 1907, xxiii, 289-296. .

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gangraena (Raynaud) esete hereditaerluetikus ulapou.

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cerea. Wien. med. Presse, 1893, xxxiv, 1883-188.5.—

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die hemianopische Pupillenstarre. Ber. d. oberhcss.

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1898, ii, 1429. — Delaunay (H.) Gestation quadruple

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overdose of quinine. Tr. Otol. Soc. U. Kingdom, Lond.,

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2, 323-343. [Discussion] , pt. 1, 259-266.— Vosslus. I'el icr

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carbonique comme moyen de destruction des rats dans

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peralprocess). Jahrb. d. Wien. k. k. Krankenanst. 1898,

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1907, vni, 1; 30; 49.— Massalongo (R.) Puericoltura

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Porto, 1896, iii, 267.— Cliristiansen (V.) Psykoterapi.

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of the condition of enlisted soliiers.J Gun Igaku Kwai

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gravide. Boll. d. Soc. Lancisiana d. osp. di Roma, 1905,

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sibility of the attending physician in cases of railway

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gium. Am. J. Ophth., St. Louis, 19J5, xxii, 268-281.—

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Obituary. J. Am. M. Ass., Chicago, 19118, li, 1530.—

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inferieure du radius par manivelle d'automobile. J. de

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statistik, Vertrauensarztfrage imd Krankenkontrolle.

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Radiumstrahlen und ihre Wirkung auf das g:esunde und

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femmes. Par., 1894, xvi, 652-659. Also: Rev. med. de Test,

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(F. B. ) Selected cases of railway surgery, Tr. Mich. M.

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