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bergli (C.) Reflexe du muscle palmaire cutane. Ann.
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marks on the researches on drugs for poisoning rats injuri-
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men einer Coxitis. Jahrb. f. Kinderh., Berl., 1906, Ixiii,
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and coffee at this meal is inadvisable, for these infusions con-
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chiat., Berl. n. Leipz,, 1906, xxix, 629-637.— Vanaiide-
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Phila., 1892-3, vi, 728-734 —Illowy. On the etiology of
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valium embryo implantation
pination, and on the intero.sseous membrane. J. Anat. &
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Also: Verhandl. d. Ver. f. innere Med. zu Berl., 1888-9,
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1890-91, ii, 1.5.5-162.—Kicliards (S.J.) An epidemic of
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[Application of the mathematical thi'ory of pmlinliilitics
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general des jeunes soldats du 4e et du ll" de ligne, envi-
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sity is fully corroborated on even a physical analysis of the
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quinine. J. de pharm. et chim., Par., 1906, 6. s., xxiv,
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often leads. If both the metacarpal bones were shattered,
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90, xi, 140. — Hiiolieti Purpura hC'morragiqueinfectieux
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It is the opinion of our best physiologists, among whom Dr.
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pudeur. Rev. de psychiat.. Par., 1897, n. s., 171-175.—
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Pyrenolfrage. Deutsche med. Wchnschr., Leipz. u. Berl.,
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physlologisc'hen Vorgiinge in der Nacliseburtsperiode.
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217-219.— Cortiifuera (,I.) Flegmon puerperal del ter-
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protectriee chez le crabe. Ihid., 906-808. . L'auto-
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Rep. Smithson. Inst., Wash,", 189,8-9, 15.5-162. — Bolt-
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Gynec. Soc, Phila., 1899, xxiv, 127-133.— INoer i.J.) The
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Loud., 1908, X, 520-526. — Diipont (V.) La convention
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ski's reflex, and its clinical value ] J. nevropat. i psi-
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Vestnik obsh. hig., sudeb. i prakt. med., St. Petersb., 1905,
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livan (J. C.) RaSioactivity. -Illinois M. J., Spring-
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gium. Klin. Monatsbl. f. Augenh,, Stuttg., 1900, xxxviii,
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peritonitis. Am. GyniBC. & Obst. J., N. Y., 1895, vi, 423;

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