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and we may confidently hope that the fellows will henceforth enjoy a

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removed the tracheotomy tube put in two sutures and dressed

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epidemics in young persons who have been well vaccinated and who pre

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day while the other two died on the fifteenth and eighteenth days

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All incubated seventeen hours no contaminations centrifuged B and b

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late PYank Holl. As a likeness of Sir William Jenner it is in

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and here they attach themselves by their formidable

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rior intercostal spaces are more or less narrowed the shoulders droop

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When we consider that it is only eleven years since Dr. Killian s

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there were examples of acute Bright s disease in which in

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bri and of the pons and medulla contained bacilli. The spinal cord was

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quence of his prize dissertation delivered at Leyden in

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mineral solution through the tissues to the affected parts.

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air a fact which may be important in a question of survivor

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Treatment. Vomiting dislodges and expels the parasite and should

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the drug. It was there stated that Kast and others had found

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married out of their denomination. Of the grooms married

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erythrocytes than in the serum. We have elsewhere called attention

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determine fluid is to place the left index finger and

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ears become cold and the debility is so considerable

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objection which militates against the employment pi

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circulates through the tissues as a powerful irritant

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ing treatment puncture plugging injection trephining.

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What to do Remove the cause. If the cause is from alkalies wash

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Chronic rhinitis and inflammation of the mucous membrane in

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same as though the wound had occurred in any other part

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dencies toward catarrhal inflammation of the air tubes

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exists and from nasal examination we find the lower

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Having discovered and cultivated the microbe that produces

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epidemic pneumonia we at least must recognize the ex

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observed and there was little evidence of pain. The animal

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a hospital in the wards of which he will receive excellent

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