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giche KU di un caso di tumore poliposo non oomunedel-

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Mallorca, 1899, xvi, 105-111.— Big'inelli (P.) Saggi di

what to say to a psychiatrist to get valium

respiratoires en fonction de la contraction musculaire.

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can you flush valium out your system

anorectale. Bull. Acad, de mcd.. Par., 1898, 3. s., xl, 168-

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J. Obst., N. Y., 1896, xviii, 9-24.— Uavidsoii (H. A. C),

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manifestations of invasion during the puerperium. Chi-

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als Metastase anderweitiger durch Diploeoecus pneu-

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I'abduction des orteils. Rev. neurol.. Par., 1903, xi, 728.

que es valium 10

6. s., y, 648-651. . La yanidad criminal. Escuela de

what is the molecular mass of diazepam (valium) c16h13cln2o

Soc. zool. ital., Roma, 1901, 2. s., ii, 77-86.— Dalilgren

can valium be used for pain relief

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sull' orgmiismo. Bull. d. sc. med. di Bologna, 1892, 7. .s.,

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its influence on modern life.] Protok. Omsk. med. Obsh.,

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Iv, 273-275. — Raingeard (P.) Nouveau cas de purpura

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Nimes, 1906, vii, 266-269.— Fontoynout. Prolapsus to-

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Suir azione emetica e purgativa dell' aleurites cordata

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R.) Isthe break in theradius the onlv bone lesion in Col-

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e del gruppo coli nell' esame batteriologico delle acque.

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sia.] Ejened. .jour "Prakt. med.",St. Petersb., lyUL), vii,

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stomach. Bull. Lying-in Hosp. N. Y., 1905, ii, 17-19. —

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Nervenkniiikheiten. Arch. f. Psychiat., Berl., 1908, xliv,

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Cousin. La pvroiodone. .T. de pharm. et chim., Par.,

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G.) & Pembrey (M. S.) Observations upon the respira-

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Edebohls in der Behandlung der Eklampsie. Monatschr.

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1903, ii. 97-1011.— liindeiuaiin (\V.) Ueber die Veriin-

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or contused wound as the initial point of attack. Med. &

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the day, it is very rational that the value of these conditions

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Forms pt. 5, v. 4, of: Costruzione ed esercizio delle

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sons alcooliques dans l'alimentation du soldat. Caducee,

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uniform svstera under central authority. Virginia JM.

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( K. ) Brandlegung wahrend eines pathologischen Rausch-

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652. — Pick (.\.) A case of eclampsia followed by facial

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riflessometro. Gazz. d. osp., Milano, 189.5, xvi, 426-429. —

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of the rectum; Kraske's operation; recovery. Lancet,

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l<ucka(E.) Das Problem einer Charakterologie. Arch,

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de Par., 1890, n. s., xvi., 100-102. . Discu.ssion sur le

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jjariens ; 2. Tajnia Echin. altricipariens; and, 3. Ta;nia excysticcrco tenuicoUi.

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the writer of this review remembers to have met a soldier late

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the puerperium. Brit. M. J., Lond., 190.5, i, 551.— Ferri

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