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fant. Echo m6d.,Nettchat., 18-59, iii, 412. ^??o. Reprint. —
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ologique et therapeutique, des diflerentes radiations pro-
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Wantv. 2-3. Title of nos. 1-4, v. 1, was; Regl<>n (La)
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See, aim. supra, Gulli. — lanowski (W.) ZmicnnoSC
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based on a study of 103 healthy young men, "knee-jerks,
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Cron. m(5d. mexicana, Mexico, 1906, ix, 265; 298; 310.
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d. soc. de la Croix-Rouge, Geneve, 1904, xxxv, 261.
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St. Louis Cliuique, 1892, v, 49. —Haggard ( E. M. )
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vindccare. Spitalul, Buenre.sci, 1900, xx, 19-22. — Crooiii
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Walton (G. R ) The classification of psychoneurotics,
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42.— Barker (T. R.) The advantages of antiseptic irri-
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Kroiisc 'L.J.) A broken needle imbedded in the lower
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du bromhydrate neutre de quinine. Arch, demed. expSr.
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a causative factor in the production of pyorrhea alveola-
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flexe rotulien du chien. Soc. roy. d. sc. m6d. et
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Wissensch., Berl., 1839, xix, 627-598. — Byers (J. W.)
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AvortU (R. S.) Subcortical expressive reflexes and their
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(A.) Peri metria toracica e reclutamento negli istituti
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sanitary activity of divi.sion physicians upon railroads,
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med., 1908, cx, 2.55. — Jeannel. La pathogenic et le
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gitis, with infection of lung, bladder, prostate, and
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204. [Discussion] , 234. ylJso; Atlanta Jour.-Rec. Med,,
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formes. Gaz. hebd. de m6d., Par., 1891, 2.s.,xxviii, 545-649.
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the skull. Railway Surg,, Chicago, 1901-2, viii, 338.—
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of a case of puerperal diphtheria involving vagina and
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animale. /birf., 190.5, v, 43-50.— Ziegler (H. E.) Theo-
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jury. Railway Surg., Chicago, 1897-8, Iv, 479. — Canipo-
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quarantine, its theory and practice. Tr. vii. Internat.
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nOive, 1897, iv, 143. ■ . Les poines des femmes. Arch.
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(R. ) Ueber die Ansteckungsgefahr in Eisenbahnwagen.
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627. . Several cases of psoriasis showing an incised
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and other ocular retlexes; a statistical study. N. Y'ork
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Atti d. Cong. d. Soc. ital. di laringol. [etc.] 1904, Napoli,
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lichen Entwickelung,salter. Ibid., 1844, ii, 266-283.—
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cologia popolare. Riv. de psicol. applic, Bologna, 1908,
niik., Leipz., 1907, xxxi, 1383-1389.— Maflu eoo Villa-
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di psicologia individuale. Riv. sper. di freniat., Reggio-
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Fractura pubiana: necrosis; secuestrotomia; curacion.
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Par., 1899, iii, :?89; 425. . Le purpura chez les enfants
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[etc.] , 1904, Ixxix, 152-15.5. Also, lieprint.— <; raser ( E. )
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Geburtsh. u. Gynaek., Berl., 1900, xi, .527-539.— King- (A.
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Samml. gerichtl. -med. Obergutacht., Berl., 1891, 301-320.—
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always occurred to me to succeed. 1 have noticed that into-

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