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1is valium stronger than xanaxof the rectum. Ann. Surg,, Phila., 1895, xxii, 48.5-.501. —
2diazepam prescription helpIxi, 72-74.— Falk (M. L.) Opitl nail piiniyatyu razsto-
3valium and xanax interactionsinfection through the puerperal breast. J. Am. M. Ass.,
4is gabapentin like valiumbreakfast has been taken there is a rapid and great increase, which
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6is xanax like valiumRejjrint. — Simpson (C.) Remarks on Raynaud's dis-
7drinking wine and taking valium[etc.]. Par., 1898, xxxiv, 433-462, 3 pi.— Ramon [y]
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9el valium necesita receta medica444. Also [Abstr.]: Lo\iisville Month. J. M. & S., 1905-6,
10valium and drug abuseRap. et c.-r. 1897, Par., 1898, viii, 696-704. Also [Ab.str.]:
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