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2 pi. — Jones (E.) Rationali.sation in everv-dav life.

2 mg valium effects

how does valium show up in a urine test

valium photos

Gallagher (F. VV.) Puerperal convulsions. Med. Rec,

withdrawal effects of valium

1901, xl, 109-172.— AsUliurst (A. P. C.) Imperforation

valium vs xanax bluelight

pediatric dose of rectal valium

Phila., 1904, vii, 437-439. — Salilor (CO.) Suggestive

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de I'eclampsie puerperale etremarques sur sa prophvlaxie.

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Wchnschr., 1904, li, 879. AUo, Reprint. Also, transL:

valium monograph

onset of oral valium

[N.C.]M.J.,1904, XXV, 237-243.— Frank (L.) Puerperal

is valium bad while pregnant

1905, Ivii, 212-221.— ItrisoAVski (M.) Ein Fall von sym-

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gressive causee par I'intoxication par le pyrogallol. Extr.,

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anatomical proof of the value of the paradoxical reflex.

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county, Smolensk government, 1874 to 1895.] Vestnik

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Toronto, 1900, xxv, 3.59-364. — Horand (A.) De la

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1907, xxxiii, 1895-1897.- Hewlett {X. W.) The inter-

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Ztg., Berl., 1907, xvii, 217-219.— Kovaes (0) Vizsg41atok

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hyst^rique et tuberculense; examen anatomo-patholo-

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von Seiten geburtsleitender Personen stattfand. Arch.

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Leipz., 1905, x, 1: 1906, x, 320, 2 pi.— Heyneniahn (T.)

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193 pp., 43 pi. , 9 ch. sni. 4°. Edinburgh., Oliver

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beige de gyncJc. et d'obst., Brux., 1900-1901, xi, 13.— Sa-

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de Barcel., i897, xxiii, 321; 361. — Fel»llng (H.) Zur

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406-412. — IHery. Purpura et «memie. J. de mc'd. int..

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trischer Gangriin. 'V'erhandl. d. deutsch. Gesellsch. f.

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Warszawa, 1S97, xxv, 243-246.— Lee lore (G.) Osteite tu-

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case of auto-infection, with some remarks on the bacte-

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Wien. klin. -therap. Wchnschr., 1904. xi, 77-5-778.- Ma-

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prominently in view, viz.: 1st, that sthenic manifestations

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septik og aseptik for vore iordm0dre. [. . . for our mid-

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Old Dominion,!. M. i^i S., Richmond, 1904-5,iii, 467.— Mar-

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psychol., Par., 1905, v, 497-.542. — Heyinans (G. ) &

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eases. South. Pract., Nashville, 1902, xxiv, 471-482. —

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m6d., Par., 1893, 3. s., xxix, 182-187. — Guigues (P.)

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la produccii'in artistica y literaria. Arch, de psiquiat. y

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247. — Waltliard (M.) Grundlagen zur Serotherapie

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