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ternacional. Tr. Pan-Am. M. Cong. 1893, Wash., 1895, pt.

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1906, xi, 213-222.— liUtaud. (A.) L'anesthfeie criminelle.

10mg valium experiences

what is more addictive valium or ativan

Rostocker chirurgischen Klinik. Ibid., 1900, xxvi, 405-

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certain; and thus, the numerous researches allow of no exact con-

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11; 60. — Despaux (A.) L'energie dans la radio-activit6?

valium dose consigliata

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tions vi.'icerales. Compt. rend. Soc. de biol.. Par., 1U06,

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1908, viii, 266-273.— Wharton (H. R.) Prolapsus of the

oral valium for seizures

septique puerperale. Gaz. degynec.. Par.. 1903, xviii, 2,57-

how many valium 5mg to get high

what is a therapeutic dose of valium

geon: (1) to the injured party; (2) to the railroad com-

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of philosophy to p.sychologv and to phy.sio]ogy. Bull.

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tificial respiration, and the treatment of the partially

what is stronger valium or tizanidine

(p.seudomelia paraesthetica), kak simptom porazheniya

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Does consciousness e.xist? J. Philos., Psychol, [etc.],

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1906. xxxii, 1739: 1787.— Seellsiuaun ( L. ) Zur Indika-

valium dosage for neck pain

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1897, 175-1S2. — Pagel (J.) Ueber Bernardino Raniazzini

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Reflexus supratrochlearis, s. r. Masculi tricipitis. Wien.

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fluence of venous congestion on spinal reflex centres.

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Tixier. Cancer stcnosant du haut rectum; hysterecto-

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154-156.— J. (A. C.) [A double CoUes' fracture.] Alka-

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giving valium to dogs

Clin., Phila., 1895, 4. s., iv, 1-10.— OlsUausen (R.) Ue-

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tions in rectal work. Indiana M. J., Indianap., 1895-6, xvi,

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181-186. — Bozzolo. Le iniezioni endovenose di chi-

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Snider (O.'H.) Kidney complications in the puerperal

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pyemia treated by antistreptocoecus serum.] J. akush. i

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valium et convulsions

xxxiii, 477-482.— Lvotl" (I. M.) 0 liechenii septiches-

can i take tramadol and valium together

la valeur des questionnaires en psychologie. J. de psv-

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science of its hvgiene.] GvogyAszat, Budapest, 1898,

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AVit'ttaixl (C. F.) Untersuchungen liber die Bedeutung

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studies relating to a proposition to excise rectum, uterus,

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Arch, de neurol., Par., 1904, 2. s., xviii, 449-454. — Lioni-

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manifestly in the production of urea, and the quantity of tins

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those cases where resection of the entire bone is necessary,

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Pliilippson (M.) Note sur le temps de latence du re-

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Fran., 1902, xvi, 428.— Kol>son (A. W. M.) An opera-

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Eclampsia and its treatment. Cleveland M. J., 1904, iii,

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Reprint.— Drapes (T.) A note on psychiatric termi-

xanax klonopin or valium

flexes in the healthy man.] Vrach, St. Petersb., 1892,

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26-28. Also: Riforma med., Napoli, 1895, xi, pt. 1, 615.

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