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1890-91, iii, 14-36. Also: Railway Age, Chicago & N. Y.,

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what happens if you give valium to a baby

Gaiissel-Zie<>'elinanii (Mine.) De la continuation de

best way to get high from valium

B. ( M . ) Comment un Amrricain cOni;oit I'hygicne des

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der stricturirenden Mastdarmgeschwiire. Arch. f. path.

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These investigations have produced artificial minerals, with the

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]). 1., 406 pp. roy. 8°. Paris, Soc. d'ed. scienl.,

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(Rectumokklusor). Wien. med. Wchnschr., 1908, Ivili,

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erative treatment of rectal cancer. Tr. Am. Surg.,

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ratory function of .some muscles of the liigher mammalia.

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internat. de m^d., Lisbonne, 1906-7, xv, sect. 7, 371-378. —

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Vhila., 1901, xxii, 48-50.— Mil Her. Fall ynn Rupturdes

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Krimkheit. Wicn. med. Wchnsehr., 1892, xlii, 1189; 1559;

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363.— Soddy (F. ) The recent controversy on radium.

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Purinstoffwechsel. Ztschr. f. klin. Med., Berl., 1908, Ixv,

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they afford abundant evidence to prove that the conditions

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the pharmacology of tribromresorcin and its sodium salt.]

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lasso strozzato ed ulcerato del retto. Gior. internaz. d.

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1902, i, 1207.— Wood (A. H.) A case of puerperal septi-

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165-167. — Pl'eiifer (G.) Eclampsia, Szulfozet no-

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News, N. Y., 1896, Ixix, 436. Aho, Reprint.— Erlieli ( X.

what is stronger cyclobenzaprine or valium

culiar circumstance, that, whereas the cause and the result are both

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chen. med. Wchnschr., 1897, xliv, 1133; 1173.' Also: Sit-

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1902,3. s., xix, 462-465.— Fra>nke I (A.) Ueber eigen-

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teinle d'acces dY'clampsie. Bull, Soc m6d. de Charleroi,

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ferent parts of the world, and on some variations in the

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&c United States. Department of the Interior. De-

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X, 471-477.— Golubintsefr(P. I.) Soldatskiy pishtshe-

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sudden boulcversement. But the force which controls j-pccial

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first months of their service.] Voyenno-med. J., St. Pe-

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Compt.-rencl. Cong, inteniat. de mC-d. isu", Mnsc, I'.Kiii.vii,

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mem. Soc. de chir. de Bucarest, 1906-7, ix, 65-93. — Col-

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darm. Med. Klin., Berl., 1906, ii, 818.— VVaeliliolz (L.)

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In: Syst. Pract. Surg. [Bergmann et al.], 8° N. Y. &

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(S.) & Markevicli (V.) Otchot po khirurgichcskomu

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geons on spinal concussion. Texas Sanitarian, Austin,

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Zur Anatomie des Uiteralschnittes. Ceniralbl. f. Gvnak..

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mfid., Grenoble, 1906, xxx, 279-283.— Sadoul. An sujet

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