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child. Ophth. Rec, Chicago, 1899, viii, 399. . Qui-

can you get valium over the counter in thailand

mixing valium and dramamine

sions. Med. Press & Circ, Lond., 1893, n. s., Iv, 662.—

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(G.) Case of puerperal septicaemia; recovery under car-

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valium pour depression

961-963. — Catoanes (E.) Du pansement iodo-iodure

diazepam sale philippines

.Vnn. Surg., Phila., 1905, xlii, 272.— Trinkler (N.) K

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valium 10mg feeling

vinnosti," prilozhonnavo k prikazu po v. vied. 1897 g.

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Am., Madrid, 1903, iii, 539-.541 .—Oliver (C. A.) Brief

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how long does a valium take to work

Obituary. Brit. M. J., Lond., 1898, i, 530. ^?so.- Lan-

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adopt the sweeping conclusions that have found adoption

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(T. E.) A case of ununited fracture of .the head and

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N. Y., 1907, Ixx, 157-164.— Largiiiei- des Baiicels (.J.)

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eale dans les infections puerperales. J. d. sc. iu6d. de

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the pathology of a double Colics' fracture [with skia-

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Ixxiv, 422-12.S.— Honck (E.) Zur Hebammenfrage und

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3 pi. — Malassez (L.) Sur les psorospermoses k pro-

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Pyorrhcea alveolaris and prehistoric man. Dental Rev.,

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1900, n. s., xxvi, 427-442. Also: Presse mfd.. Par., 1900, i,

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matologii reflektorickS cinnosti micliy. [Contribution

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Reaktion lichtstarrer Pupillen. Miinchen. med. Wchn-

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vate practice. Proc. Phila. Co. M. Soc, Phila., 1898, xix,

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243. — Matsieyevski (K. F.) K voprosu o septiche-

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treated by antistreptococcus .serum.] Ejened. jour.

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Sangle (C.) Histoire des suggestions religieuses de

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See, also. Keicliert (Karl Bogislaus). Bericht uber

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tans. Ibid., 1904, xlviii, 770. Also: Pest. med. -chir.

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ol6gicos. An. r. Acad, de med., Madrid, iw.ii;, xvi, 14-35.—

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binski'sche Zehenreflex unter phy.siol()gischen und patho-

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123-130. — Dueainn. Maladie infectieuse spontamSe du

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pi. . Sul com portamento della cheratoialina e del-

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Med.-Leg. Cong. 1895, N. Y., 1898, 242-245. Also: Med.-

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& Ment. Dis., N. Y., 1907. xxxiv, 489-496. Aho, Reprint.—

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