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of "the fragments of a radius, which had been broken at

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chol.. Par., 1904, iv, 337-372.— Sadger (J.) Das Wunder

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students. Psychol. Rev., N. Y. & Lond., 1894, i, 496-505.—

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gron. Automobile et fracture de I'extrijmite inferieure

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Black letter. The last leaf numbered 148 fol., but:

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Chicago, 1904-5, v, 7.— Rogers (C. R.) Veratrum viride

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der Zeit vom 1. Juli 1881 bis 81. December 1891. Arch. f.

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1906, N. Y., 1907, xviii, 100-144.— Kreibicli (C.) Ueber

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gynec, d'obst. et de pa?diat., mem. et disc. 1895, Par..

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1898, 5. R., vi, 371-373.— Man kovskl (L.) Sluchal mor-

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93-96. Also [Abstr.]: Virginia M. Semi-Month., Rich-

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paranuclein from casein. Am. J. Phvsiol., Best., 1900, iv,

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tritis. Midland M. J., Binningh., 1903, ii, 137.— Myers

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Laitop., Mosk., 1895, v, 747-759.— Ziinmerinann. [Ein

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pura hemorrhagica nodularis { Purpura papulosa htemor-

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centa. J. de mod. de Bordeau.x, 1H92, xxii, •5K8: 1893, xxiii,

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li, 64, 1 pi.— Mills-Roberts (k. H.) A case of phleg-

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580-585. — (i-iiiiiider. [Ein bemerkenswerther Fall

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Voyenno-med. J., St. Petersb., 1898, cxcii. med.-spec. pt.,

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ances. N. York M. J., 1894, Ix, 372-376.— Lazaro (L.)

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Cong. Ber.^ii. d. Verhandl. 1892, Wien u. Leipz., 1893, 273-

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Sommario di terapia clinica [etc.] . 16°. Napoli, 1901.—

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d'anthrop. crim., Lyon & Far., 1.S99, xiv. 226.— Mapes

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observaciones heclias en Costa Rica. Arch, de psiquiat.

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Gewebes. Verhandl. d. Gesellsch. deutsch. Naturf. u.

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schen Schwingungen. Miinchen. med. Wchnschr., 1908,

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man (G.) Poisoning due to cheese. Pnb.Healtli. I^ond.,

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1893-4, XX, 417-428. — Bannan (Theresa). Puerperal

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p(5rale. Ann. do gynec. et d'obst., Par., 1908, 2. s., v, 4.59-

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of the rectum. Brit. M. J., Lond., 1897, ii, 1064-1069.— Du

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(■changes respiratoires par la methode de I'ecliantillon-

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the styloid process of the ulna. Glasgow M. J., 1898, 1

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1901, vii, 385: 418. Also: Arch. prov. de chir,. Par., 1901,

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ror, St. Louis, 1899, x, 273.— Lalarelle & O'Konx. Im-

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allorhythmien ftir die klinisohe Analvse.] Ber. d. ober-

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M. J., St. Louis, 1905, xii, 188-194. [Discussion] , 236.—

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1447-1454.— Elliott (W. H. ) The organization of a rail-

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