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Sur les indications de I'hysterectomie dans les infec-
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ders, genera Argiope and Epeira. Ibid., 1906, xvii, 806-
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1905, xlvi, 340-342. — von Stoftella. Anwendung von
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Psychologv in the medical school. Univ. M. Mag,, Phila.,
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anus with recto-va.ginal fistula. J. Am. M. Ass., Chicago,
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Afterbildung. Festschr. z. Feier . . . Fr. von Esmarch,
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Hlanlcastrl (N.) Osservazioni sulla rigenerazione e
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Speaking of his success, Mr. Docker says : — ** In all con-
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ation; recoverv. Canada Lancet, Toronto, 1902-3, xxxvi,
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epileptic attacks.] Orvosi hetil., Budapest, 1901, xlv,
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Verhandl. d. Ver. f. innere Med. zu Berl., 1892-3, xii. 238-
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Also [Abstr] : Compt. rend. Soc. de biol.. Par., 1898, 10. s.,
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Arch, f . klin. Chir. , Berl.,1893, xlvi, 809-843.— Soliwartz.
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pregnancy. St. Paul M. J., St. Paul, Minn., 1906, viii, 324-
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d'Olocrates gibbu.s Fab. [Raphidospora Le Danteci.]
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stractedly, in the viewing the form, the mass, the reaction, do we
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Ann. de dermat. et syph.. Par., 189S, 3. s., ix, 132; 652.—
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799. — Godin(L.-G.) Notesurla tailleminimaquedoivent
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infection puerperale; mort. Lyon med., 1906, cvi, 733-
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wendung ausschliesslicher Rectalernahrung in acuten
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1847-8, xiii, 233 - 248.— Quarantine at the antipodes.
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For Biography, see Gaz. mi5d. de Par., 1904, 12. s., iv, 185.
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toria on puerperal sepsis in private practice, iritercolon.
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Berl., 1903, vi, 1137. — Tanba (K.) [On ptomaines.]
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Ixxxii, 1200-1205. Jiso, Reprint.-Hurd (E. P.) Treat-
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Government. J. Am. M., Chicago. 1906, xlvi, 479-
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system of relationships. In: Anthrop. Essays, roy. 8°.
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di psicol. applic, Bologna, 1908, iv. 211-232.— Bourdon
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pelled, during the whole of this time, to subsist on tea and a
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frage. Pharm. Ztg., Berl., 1888, xxxiii, 2.52. Also. Re-
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letter B, of the ' Instructions to recruiting offices, 'append-
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(A.) Gastfoenterostomia utrtn genyveriis(5g a Murphy-

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